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Ray Metallfabrik AB is a manufacturer of steel pipe products and sheet metal products. We are also experts in the field of exhaust system technology and exhaust sound levels.

We are highly skilled in the areas of welding, laser cutting, sheet metal forming, steel pipe bending and tool making. We have focused the production process on being as flexible as possible by minimizing production lead times. We believe that our core strength as a supplier is our ability to produce small batches of the products our customers request in a short amount of time.

We have the knowledge and ability to help our customers with the whole process of developing, manufacturing and delivering a product.

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Ray Metallfabrik AB

Ray Metallfabrik AB is seated in the village Ljungsarp in the municipality of Tranemo. Tranemo is located in the province of Västergötland near the border of province Småland in the south of Sweden. The company employs around 50 people.


Ray Metallfabrik AB
Lagmanshagavägen 1
51455, Ljungsarp,