Production and products

Our ambition is to have control over as many steps of the product chain as possible. We make almost all components ourselves, which makes us able to quickly meet a variety of special demands from our customers. The machinery is adapted to handle small to medium-sized batches. Optimal flexibility and short lead times are prioritized over short cycle times. This, combined with our capacity to make our own tools, makes it possible for us to quickly go from idea to finished product.

One of our core strenghts as a manufacturer is our ability and capacity to build our own machines, tools and other production equipment when necessary. We don´t hesitate to build our own machines to solve a demand for production.

The personal commitment, will and ability of the people that work at Ray Metallfabrik AB make all of the above possible.

All of our products you can find at Simons.se for special request please email us at mail@ray.se

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Ray Metallfabrik AB

Ray Metallfabrik AB is seated in the village Ljungsarp in the municipality of Tranemo. Tranemo is located in the province of Västergötland near the border of province Småland in the south of Sweden. The company employs around 50 people.


Ray Metallfabrik AB
Lagmanshagavägen 1
51455, Ljungsarp,